RST Website Workshops

Website Workshops help start-ups and small businesses create professionally designed websites fast and on a budget – the ultimate toolkit. We do all the heavy lifting by building the website framework for you, giving you everything you need to get started. You then get to put your own stamp on it.
By the end of your Website Workshop, you will know how to add images, text, colours, and design, and have the skills to manage your website going forward. 

We make the process of creating your own website as simple and stress-free.

What's included?

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Module One - Getting Organised
Domain Names
How to set up hosting
Things you need to do plus useful resources & links
Getting organised
Bonus - SEO For Beginners
Module One - A Brief History of Search Engine Optimization
Module Two - Google: The Revolution
Module Three - How SEO Works
Module Four - The Importance of SEO and Search
Module Five - Black-Hat SEO
Module Six - On-Page SEO
Module Seven - Do You Know these Search Engines?
Module Eight - How People Search:
Module Nine - Why Are Links Important for SEO?
Module Nine - Why Are Links Important for SEO?
Module Ten - Why Keywords Are Forever Important for SEO
Module Two - Understanding Your Visual Identity
What is your unique selling point & who is your ideal client_customer
49.8 KB
Niche list of ideas.pdf
173 KB
Red Oceans v Blue Oceans
Module Three - Branding For Your Business
What Type Of Website.pdf
48.2 KB
Bonus - Choosing your colour palette
Creating a logo in Canva
Creating a favicon file
Bonus - Keyword Research
Keyword research.pdf
53.1 KB
Are keywords still relevant to SEO?
Find the most profitable keywords for your niche in KWFinder
How to organize keyword research with keyword lists in KWFinder
Local keyword research with thousands of localized results in KWFinder
Import keywords in bulk in KWFinder
Get hundreds of new keyword ideas thanks to Google Suggest
Get the most accurate keyword difficulty score in keyword research
Keyword research with Google SERP competitor analysis
Get up to 700 keyword suggestions with metrics in KWFinder
How to find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty in less than 3 minutes in KWFinder
Module Four - Content for your website
What do you need for your website
Bonus - An introduction to writing sparkling web copy
Writing your content
About You
Mission Statement.pdf
46.7 KB
Choosing images
Resizing and opimising images
46 KB
Module 5 - Overview of Divi
What is Divi?
What is a Child Theme?
Overview of dashboard
Divi theme options
Overview of the front end
Divi theme customiser
Module Six - Let's get started
What is Alt text & how to add it to images
Editing your profile and changing admin email
Adding your Branding
How to add image to a slider
How to create a new page
Your home page
Your about page
Your services page
How to add a new post
How to embed videos
Adding images to the gallery
How to make changes on FAQ page
How to change review page
Email opt in form
Bottom bar
Contact page & adding a map
Adding SEO
Your services page
Module Seven - Nearly There
Cookie consent, privacy policy and T & C's
Sidebar widgets
What is a 404 error page
Sidebar widgets
All In One WP Security
All In One SEO Pack
Back up and updates
Google Analytics Tutorial in 2020 | How To Use Google Analytics - FULL Overview and Installation
How to set up & install the Facebook Pixel
Maintenance Page & Search Engine Visibility
Bonus - Analysing The Competition
Analysing the competition
45.3 KB
45.3 KB
Get accurate SERP for specific locations in SERPChecker
Google SERP competitor analysis with 45+ SEO metrics
How to do Google SERP analysis
Compare your website with competitors in organic search results
Analyze Google SERP features impact on the organic search results
Website Workshops Review
Bonus - Backlinking
Backlinks and Why is link building so important?
How to find competitors' backlinks you can replicate easily in LinkMiner
Evaluate the power of backlinks with the Link Strength
How to save backlinks to the Favorites list
See live preview of backlinks with anchor placement
Find new and deleted backlinks for new link building opportunities